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Thursday, 28 January 2010


Alhamdullillah....All Praise is to Allah the Almighty...finally this blog is ON.. yeehaww!

OK...let me explain..the purpose of this the name indicate the function...this blog is for mom..who want to share all the SUPERB tips about how to make our life more meaningful...

i personally want to receive and share the tips and ways to bring up a well mannered and educated children

i believe that all parents want the best for their children....and will do what ever it take to achieve that..

so i hope this blog will help us to share...not only the tips..but the problem as we can help each other finding the solution... ''more brain work better then one''

And this blog also is dedicated to those who believe in early education for their children...i believe in ''all babies are born genius'' so....lets make this things happen!..lets make our beloved a genius!..

and All moms are welcome... and this blog is bilingual ( English and Malay)

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