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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Today we are making cookies


from preparing the ingredient, mixing, rolling...they do everything them self...and the cookies actually tasted very good!

Friday, 14 December 2012

Fun worksheet ideas

here are some of the fun worksheet that i have made for my kids...

this worksheet is for aisyah...'my apple tree'' she need to do the simple math in order to know how many apples or other details that need to be stick on the picture!
this is a bicycle theme math worksheet for haris...he can turn the wheels to choose the questions!

haris train theme worksheet ;-)
this is aisyah math and art worksheet...she love it!

Flash Card in computer/lappy

Assalamualaikum, oh my oh's been ages since a proper blog post...i've been unwell and not to mention the kids too!...

today i want to share a simple tips in making flash card using power point..

i've been using this ''hightech'' flash card since aisyah was a baby...and now it's faris turn...

i bet almost everyone know how to use power point...even someone like me ( not at all a computer person : i dont even know how to screen shot..need to google then i know) can use power's easy, simple and free!

you can make al ot of flash cards, you can put anything you want and any pictures that you like...

this is some of my collections...

ps: if anybody want any of can email me at

i will email it to you FOC ;-)

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Aisyah reading boik 10 at 4 yrs old


Watch "Aisyah reading english book 10 at 4 yrs old" on YouTube

Monday, 10 December 2012

Aisyah reading bahasa


Watch "Aisyah reading bahasa qt 4 yrs old" on YouTube

She is 4 and she is getting better in reading bahasa malaysia

Well done Aisyah


Thursday, 22 November 2012

Simple puzzle activity

i've made some simple picture out of colour paper and cut it into big chunk.

the task for the kids is to re arrange the's a simple activity for haris...just to make him join in the activity with aisyah...but it's a good learning activity for aisyah!

together with the activity comes the learning bits...haris need to complete the malay easy and aisyh writing practice!

the happy students!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Lion activity

This activity is ver simple and easy to do...all you need is
  1. paper plate
  2. colour paper
  3. glue
  4. pipe cleaner

haris is cutting out the mane..half of A4 paper
aisyah lion mane will be yellow
stick it aroud the paper plate..then add some details..the nose, mouth and eyes!
 activity after art class...aisyah is copy writing SINGA...malay writing and spelling practice!

after art class...we made some fun math activity worksheet...abney flying machine math...the questions are under the clouds...haris need to answer the question in order for abney to go down to his island!

Friday, 16 November 2012

kids need options!

I have learn about giving kids options when i saw a very good baby development video in teaches us how to deal with kids and one of it is giving our kids options for them to choose...

i've been using this method to my kids, this way my kids being confidence, less frustrated with routine and happier!

Options in their favorite

option to choose they favorite things

Normally...if we are having lunch together...i will ask my baby ( from 9 months) which drink that they want by holding 2 glasses, one with plain water and one with juice...they will try to grab any of those and that will be their drink :-) same goes to toy...2 toys at a time...eventually...when my kids grow bigger...they can accept options when they need want sweets which they cant have maybe it's not halal and they still cannot understand why and what is non halal sweets...i will give them options and it's easy for them to accept they are use to it ;-)

Option in becoming creative 
options to learn something new

Flowers are red...leaf have to be green!...oops!

In term of learning...they actually open to options...from shapes, color size or number...they becoming more confident in venturing into something new because they have the option to do so...dont limit our child base on what we, even babies have their own feeling and preference... let us be more understanding and flexibles towards our gems okay! flowers are rainbow color with bright orange's autumn and i feel happy!...

Option in playing

kids...just love to jump, kicks and throw...they choose to ump on the bed or sofas...they kicks the toys or sometime throw it..we as parent..we know that they not suppose to jump on the sofa or are not to be kicks or thrown to other kids...and we will quickly ask them to stop and sometime they just not listen to us...why?

because we dont give them option to what they are doing...we ask them not to jump on the sofa...but we forgot that they like to jump...they need options here...end result from not having an options is continue what they are doing!

we should give them options like...if you go and play the hop can jump play with your friend or maybe you want to play other things that is less jumping but more throwing and kicking like footballs...and you will see how the kids respond to it and be happy!

Option in giving opinions

we as a parent...we see our kids as someone small and less important in giving opinion... sometimes we ignore our kids ideas...this will make our kids feel less important and make them less confident and poor self-esteem...
option in giving opinions...

me and my husband will include our children when we are planning for holidays...we will give them option to choose the place and activities. when they give opinions  we actually jot it down and ask them the reason for that decisions.. they will be more then happy to tell us and we are more then happy to take the opinions in!
we need to stop and listen

we need to stop and listen...understand what they are trying to say...and you will be surprise to see how this small act will make our kids more understanding and more flexible towards our ideas as they develop the good trust and understanding with us.. ;-)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

constructive play with kids

There are lots of constructive playing set in the market like the most common lego or mega block..

But today i want to talk about k'nex...

my kids actually play with different level of lego and mega block set from the biggest chunk to the smallest..but to some point i really like my kids to play with other type of constructive game..

i bought stickle bricks, then marble runner and now k'nex.

this amazing product is very versatile.. you can build from 2D to 3D things unlike building block..they are limited to 3D things:-)

k'nex is easy to assembles and it came with various part and umlimited potential ideas for the lil ones!..

ps: not suitable for kids under 3.. alot of small part!

it's always a good buy to spent some money on constructive playing really help you to calm an active todds for hours!

Monday, 5 November 2012

school holiday mini trip

Since me and the kids are in parek for 1 week. i've made some mini trips and one of them is going on the bus and train rides and short public transportation station!

we start our journey using the public bus fron slim river to tanjong malim.. 

the kids being told about the rules and good manner in taking public transpotr... like tickets, que up before entering and coming out from it, care for elderly or oragnant lady and offer them your seat and to keep the public transpot tidy and clean and never ever throw rubbish out of the bus!

haris and aisyah being asked about the bus...describe what can they see, hear and feel...

enjoying the view and reading things written in the bus are some ither activity include!

then after we arrived in tanjong
malim...we went to the train station..bought the tikets and haris went to the ticket lady to ask some of it is this..

" are there any bridge along the way?"


when we are on the train station...haris learn about the safety rules...about the yellow line...and of course about the train it self...we actually when the the front part of the head....and ask the train driver to peak inside the driver seat...just a quick look!.. since the train driver dont know english..he dont really say anything...just give that lil chap a smile... :-)

haris was sooo happy and suprise to know that komuter has a funnel too!.

in the train was an amazing adventure forthe kids..  since komuter is not a steam engine...they are trying sooo hard to listen to the...chup chup and clang clag and even the toot toot sound...such a cutie! then they come to know about this komuter being different to the steam engine...its amazing to see they learn things them real world!

we when to rawang from tanjong malim and haris was like very happy counting the stop and when we arrive home that evening...he actually memories all the stop in correct we will have an indoor activity..and the kids chooses to make a book journal about the bus and train adventure that we had!

what an adventure!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

cut and paste

Cut and paste is one nice activity...but if you want to make it more can use this mahjong paper for them to stick the cut out stuff...

It's extra big size make it more free style sticking. Basically ....the kids really like it when you change the way things work once in a while! 

our theme today is.... mini beast!
Aisyah is trying to position the butterfly wing and being watch closely by her lil brother faris..
it's time to write the name of the animals
close up haris hand writing!
Tadaaaaaa!'s done!

Here are some other ideas for cut and paste activity...there are lots of fun and nice cut and paste activity available in the net...

have a go moms!'s easy, fun and can help your child improve their scissor skills and boost their creativity!

Fabulous Motherhood guest blogger

Alhamdullillah...finally my entry as the guest blogger in Fabulous Motherhood was up!

A special thank you note to FM for inviting me as the first Guest blogger to her Awesome Blog! (very-excited!).

Anyway...hopefully the entry will help mommies out there to venture in Early Education at home with their kiddos and i'm more then happy to try and help out if you guys need favor!

last but not least...

the entry!

ps: Nad..thanks a bunch!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Simple Activity to boost spelling skills in children

Did i ever mention that my lil son..Haris can do his spelling very well?..even better then me?..being his ''teacher'' since he was 3 years old gave me brilliant opportunity to use all sort of methods to make him learning in fun and interesting ways!

After Haris is able to read..i was thinking to make him able to spell...i do some research in the net...alot of them says that it need to be practice...i thought to myself..he is just a small kid!..i dont want to make him feel stress with all the writing and spelling  practice. He need to learn without any stress or it will be superb if he dont even know he is learning it!

Then i come across thing similar to THIS


i just give haris this...and now..its aisyah favorite too! this simple game works really well when you want your children to practice their spelling in fun stress free way!

if you can print out or buy the simple words search books, you can just pop it in the car!...ring it out when ever you are eating out with the kids...have with you a set of color pencil and this will make them less restless waiting for their food!

what else?

ok...i did bought this for my kids!


you can get this toy r us...this is a brilliant product.. they have all this level of difficulties...from youngster to adult!...

i still remember how haris was so in love with this...developing his spelling skills...oh how amazing to see you child learning in such fn and enjoyable ways!

since Aisyah already reading well, i'm planning to take out haris old scrabble set and let her explore!...

i notice that my child like puzzle!

Puzzle actually help your child hand and eye coordination and to top up to the can try to find puzzles like this!


you can get this from any big toy store!

for beginners can actually help to re-group the puzzle for each words, then later, try to mix 2 words together and so on...this help the children not to feel frustrated with the first experience in trying to solve the puzzle!...remember this is a fun learning!

pict are all from google ;-)

hope this help..

have a go moms!...make your children learning fun and easy!


it's fun to have a lot of different color paper in the house...paper, glue, scissor and color pencil...are 'good to have' things in the house esp when u have toddlers in the family!

so..when ever you find some new can proceed without having any trouble finding things.

i like to make or find simple activity for my kids from the net or this simple to make butterfly project!  

the kids are doing some cutting out paper...
stick the wings to the empty toilets role tube
put some detail on

this video show the complete and easy to understand step by step how to make the can watch the video with your kids give them some ideas of what they are going to make!...

have a go moms!

Monday, 29 October 2012



Normally, i will give the kids stickers and stick it on their shirt...but this time...i think of other ways to put theirs rewards stickers...

for me..this way is much more better...they can actually keep their stickers and they will be very happy reading all the different and personalize sticker on the wall ;-)
the collected rewards for the past 6 days!
the date when i started this chart
lil bit of extra friends from aisyah...her rabbit n snail!

Rewards your child for their metter how small it is ;-)

have a go mom!.

ps: you will be surprise to see how easy to ask your child behave and being good to their siblings! not to forget...they will be very happy helping you out too!

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