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Friday, 30 May 2014

Jello play dough


Its very easy to make!

All you need is

1 1/4 flour
1/4 salt
1 packet of serbuk agar2 or 1/8 cup jello
3/4 boiling water
1 1/4 tbsp oil
3-4 drops of vanilla essence

Mix the dry ingredients
Mix the wet ingredients
Pour slowly the wet ingredients in the dry ingredients bowl
Mix and knead it to soft dough.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

kids and their potential...

early education and homeschooling is not just trend u need to has more then that...the reason to do it not only confine to teaching the kids...but it more to do with allocating and sharpening the kids potential...

this is haris latest fantasy book...still in progress...i cant wait for it to finish!...haris is a very talented writer, he love to read and write, he is 8 and i never teach him how to spell or make a sentence...i just figure out his potential and he choose his path of learning!...mashaaAllah...

parent who actually stay and teach the kids will definitely can identified their kids potential...their strong point..their hidden pearl...once you notice this...teaching your kids will be as interesting to you and to them...there will be no stress, no shouting, no whining and the kids will learn on a fast track!

i dont know how to make this look interesting to other people...but to me...i've seen this with my kids...teaching my kids reading, spelling, math, hafazan ( remembering the holy book Quran), learning 3rd just amazing!...and not to forget..the other basic skills like cooking, tidying up, be organise, be a leader, be a loving siblings, respect and love the parent, obedient servent to Allah and many more is a learning proses that all of us do it together without any fuss...

i achieve this solely from Allah mercy and the knowledge His given me to actually identified my kids strong point and stir things around it to achieve our goal in teaching my kids..mashaaAllah...

for me...all of us can achieve this by spending time with the kids...try and put away those gadget...look into your kids eyes, listen to their words and focus in their tiny will be suprise to see...there are huge potential in that tiny in them...and they will not let u down...and don't forget to make alot of doa...inshaaAllah...

isra and mi'raj book

Alhammdullillah..finally i've manage to finish haris isra and mi'raj book...15 pages book with story and hadith and simple diagram of the event all are taken from internet and i compile it and make it ''haris'' friendly book...hahaha

i will try to lean how to put in pdf file in blogger so that i can share it with other readers...

for now...if you want the book...please email me at ..

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Faris reading on his 3rd birthday.


Saturday, 17 May 2014

Faris and worksheet

Faris 3 yrs old coloring:

Aisyah doing her bahasa malaysia year 1

Aisyah 5 yrs old doing bahasa year 1:

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