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Sunday, 29 June 2014

ramadhan activity...

for the first week of ramadhan...the theme will be CHARITY IN we make this yesterday...dates free gift for people in ramadhan market...

haris first attempt in making the bow tie..

 we recycle the empty water bottle to make our basket..and the handle is made from pipe aisyah idea to make the twisty handle and it does look very cute!

the outcome from this activity is that the kids was very suprise with thr respond given to them...some actually give them money and food as gift too...the kids are very happy and it was a success! alhamdullillah..mashaaAllah...

ps: Alhamdullillah..haris pass his first day of ramadhan very smoothly... ;-)

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Finger painting without any mess!


I just used sandwich bag..

Baby toys idea


Ive made some simple baby toys...

Colourful picture


This is very pretty and help to improve creativity..fine motor and focus.

Finger painting idea


We really enjoy this...i really like how they make a simple picture but full of stories!

Activity to stimulate creativity


I jist made this using Microsoft words. My idea just using thw circle... Then haris made himself rhe square sheet...yap...let them bloom!


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