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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Endless readers

Alhamdullillah...after a friend of mine share about this cute and interactive ipad software....we manage to download the trial game...and the kids esp faris just love we decided to purchase the game at 1.99 dollars and..wallah!'s really is fun...

since i'm soo out of puff for the last 3 weeks....and yet..another 2-3 weeks to go...i think...i just need to give the kids some extremely enjoying school....they are allowed to watch youtube clips that they like and do free activity...

as for haris...he's doing math,typing and arabic course online and hafazan in the madrasah....(with some skip classes lah kan!)

aisyah...she is sooo into writing and drawing, some spelling activity that the do herself... having a fun watching super readers super why, dinosaur train and now the game....endless readers!

 since the ipad belongs to my hubby..they can only play with it after office hour...that's good..need to have some limitation when deal with gadget in kids!

watching super readers and playing endless readers seems to work very well in term of helping faris to read and remember the sight words and master his phonic i'm unable to make a proper classes for might well help him learn something rather then nothing...and i know...he love it!.. can find super why super reader episodes in youtube and if you can try endless readers in ipad...

good luck!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

haris science project

his latest project...

Alhamdullillah...even tho his mix up with his fellow malay kids in madrasah..his Eng is still very good...mashaaAllah...same goes to aisyah anf faris...

this is his project, he love it and can explain about it very well and with confidence!..mashaaAllah...

this is boy aisyah just join in for the boat test in our tiny vid for out of battery!...hahaha

btw...there a lot a of very amazing achievement that haris did...but im just to tired to update and im scared of the evil eye things that i can say is....Alhamdullillah..mashaaAllah...haris..u are amazing and you will achieved more with the lillahitaala in your heart!


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