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Monday, 29 October 2012



Normally, i will give the kids stickers and stick it on their shirt...but this time...i think of other ways to put theirs rewards stickers...

for me..this way is much more better...they can actually keep their stickers and they will be very happy reading all the different and personalize sticker on the wall ;-)
the collected rewards for the past 6 days!
the date when i started this chart
lil bit of extra friends from aisyah...her rabbit n snail!

Rewards your child for their metter how small it is ;-)

have a go mom!.

ps: you will be surprise to see how easy to ask your child behave and being good to their siblings! not to forget...they will be very happy helping you out too!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Under the sea submarine Adventure!

Pretend play is one good activity to boost child creativity.

 Before we start...we need to have our food supply in the submarine!
 the little explorer need extra food!
 where the ocean will be...
 the ocean in the making
still not finish mama!
 our submarine!
 inside the submarine....the contro panel...hahaha
 every stop point...we will need to do some research and field work...we have..whale area, fish population area and turtle land. 
the explorer is doing some research on the fish population...

the activity take the whole morning..but the kids were extremely happy...

thinking about another

will update about it later!

have a go moms...all u need is some toys and imagination...!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

this help!

I really enjoy using this math smart help my lil Aisyah to write and understand her number very well...this is the first thing i use to teach aisyah numbers and how to write it!

 this is the thing!
 aisyah will use her finger to follow the grove and then try to copy the shape on the paper...while tracing the grove..i will make funny noise like...swooosh!...she love it!
 count the pictures and suprise hidden for those tiny fingers to explore!
 to help her remember the sequence...
 this help her undertand the adding process!
i told you...its a bargain!...
I bought this in MPH for 20% discount and it's one of the best buy so far!

Math is Fun...have a go mom!

Monday, 15 October 2012


Watch "haris reading jawi" on YouTube
this is the way of reading malay before the new alphabet letter was introduce...
jawi...similar to the arabic letter and letter sound apart from 3 letter...:-)
it is important to know jawi...esp to read the old kitab when a person want to learn alim( islamic studies) in malaysia :-)
well done haris...
i use the cepat baca jawi book 1 for haris...then i just bought the jawi story book from flea market for practice...cant find the book 2... but its long as your child understand the reading will be ok...:-)
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aisyah reading book 9

Watch "Aisyah book 9 @ 3 years 10 mths" on YouTube
masyaAllah...her reading skills improve from book 8..
well done aisyah!

update: i just notice that the vid is i already make it public...just incase anybody want to see it!
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Reading bahasa class


this is how i teach aisyah reading bahasa..note: this is the first time she read this practice.. notice how she actually figure it out how the letter sound?.. this prove that sight reading will eventually make the child read by learning the letter sound them self...

mix concept of sight reading and phonics in malay reading class for her...she is doing very well for 3 yrs 10 months old girl.. ;-)

my aim...that she will be able to read well before 4...both eng and malay..just like abg haris! will be fun learning experience for her!...homeschool is a stress free learing environment!

masyaAllah.... early reading is Amazing!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

aisyah writing and reading bahasa


Aisyah is learning to read in bahasa malaysia...i will try and make a vid of her reading bahasa.. and while doing the reading..she also do the hand writing practice...she love it!

im teaching bahasa without any old fashion spelling...bahasa is easier to learn compere to eng and it is easier to read too... ;-)
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card...windmill from leaf


we went to the park in the evening and found this lovely crescent shape leaf...

we decided to make a wind mill with it..

and to top up...haris make a welcome home card for his daddy..

such a fun activity!
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draw me...make me happy


this is one fun can try this if you got more then one child...

ask each of them draw the person sitting infront them...

try to copy as close as possible...

when its finish...ask them to swap...

and you can see how happy the partner is...

dont forget to put the picture on the wall of fame!...

have a go mom!
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the school - math


Aisyah simple math exercise.. and her cute hand writing ;-)

this is a special math activity..since haris love his 2 pets dino...i make his worksheet more fun with his dino pets!

haris is good with money counting now...this is one of the first step to introduce money math to him...

since he need to know his coins...he need to trace and draw the value of each he already remember his coins!

aisyah number sequence practice..;-)

another dino math worksheet..

i love doing the kids i know..they will be very happy doing it!...math is fun!
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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


found this nice web to learn arabic esp for kids..

tj arabic

have a go!

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